PriArc workshop in Oslo

JUNE 21-22, 2018
The National Museum for Art, Architecture and Design, section Architecture

Print and Talk juni 2018_2The fifth project workshop of the PriArc project took place at the Architecture museum in Oslo 21-22 June 2018. The first day was dedicated to celebrating the end of The Printed and the Built – one of PriArc’s sibling projects – while the second day was a PriArc workshop with papers from junior and senior scholars. The program was rich: Richard Wittman from University of California gave an extensive overview of research on architecture and print culture; Wallis Miller from University of Kentucky spoke on architectural exhibitions and their publications in early 20th century Germany; Anne Hultzsch (AHO/UCL) introduced us to the remarkable writer, scholar and inventor Jane Loudon; Victor Plahte Tschudi (AHO) spoke on Piranesi’s influence on modern art (forever altering the audience’s vision of Alfred Barr’s famous diagram!); and Mari Lending (AHO) presented the forthcoming PriArc exhibition Images of Egypt that is opening at Oslo’s Museum of Cultural History in September 2018. And finally: Alina Payne from Harvard University gave the keynote lecture “Architecture in Two Dimensions”, beautifully elucidating the role of photography in the struggle to represent and understand the past.


Photo credit: Ola Granli


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