Images of Egypt: PriArc workshop

January 30-31, 2017


30-31 January 2017, the PriArc team organizes its first thematic workshop in Oslo. The workshop is dedicated to experimental preservation, looking particularly at the topic of replica / copy / quote and the way images and monuments travel – in various media – through time and space.

The circulation of Egyptian imagery from Winckelmann to Hassan Fathy provides a particularly interesting case. For centuries, ancient Egypt has kept its spell on the European imagination. The French-British battle for dominance was played out in a massive relocation of Egyptian antiquities to European museums, resulting in an unprecedented dissemination of imagery with a profound effect on European architecture, art, design, fashion, and fiction. The diffusion provides an intriguing example of colonization in time as well as space, showing how a culture – the European in this case – can appropriate different pasts.

Contributors to the workshop include the Director of Factum Arte, Adam Lowe; Dr. Tarek Waly, director of The Tarek Waly Centre. Architecture and Heritage in Cairo; and professor Mari Lending, AHO, researcher in the PriArc project. The workshop will be attended by the entire PriArc team as well as students from PriArc’s master course “Images of Egypt”.



Originally posted November 18, 2016. Latest revision January 28, 2017.

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