The Printed and the Built: Book Launch

JUNE 16, 2018
EAHN Tallin

Printed and Built coverThe edited collection The Printed and the Built, edited by Mari Hvattum and Anne Hultzsch, explores the intricate relationship between architecture and printed media in the nineteenth century. Among the authors are six PriArc scholars, making the collection a significant PriArc output. We welcome everyone to the book launch at the EAHN conference in Tallin, Saturday 16 June at 13.30 pm.

Architectural history has long been influenced by the rapidly expanding field of publication history. Yet, while groundbreaking work has been done on architecture and printing in the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the twentieth century, the nineteenth century has received little attention. This is the omission that The Printed and the Built seeks to address, thus filling a significant gap in the understanding of architecture’s cultural history.

Lavishly illustrated with colourful and eclectic visual material, from panoramas to printed ephemera, adverts, penny magazines, early photography, and even crime reportage, The Printed and the Built consists of five in-depth thematic essays accompanied by 25 short pieces, each examining a particular printed form. Altogether, they illustrate how new genres communicated architecture to a mass audience, setting the stage for the modern architectural era.


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