priarc_2cCultural heritage is a modern invention, emerging in the aftermath of the French revolution. It involved preserving actual monuments, of course, but surprisingly often, the rescue operation took place on paper, sparking questions regarding matter and discourse, durability and ephemerality, copy and original, which are still at the core of contemporary conservation and preservation efforts.

PriArc’s Oslo team studies these relationships in both a historical and a contemporary perspective. We examine the discursive practices of 19th and 20th century preservation movements as well as their historical fore-forms, looking at the way preservation inevitably projects future uses of the past. And we study the way contemporary non-physical preservation (in the form of scans, photogrammetry and other forms of digital registration) are changing the epistemological status of the preserved object and with it, our understanding of the past.

This PriArc subproject is based at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and is led by Mari Hvattum. The Oslo team encompasses professor Mari Lending, PhD Student Eirik Bøhn, our associate partners Adam Lowe from Factum Arte and dr. Gro Ween from the Museum of Cultural History, and affiliated partners professor Victor Plahte Tschudi and professor Erik Langdalen, AHO.


Originally posted November 2, 2016. Latest revision February 1, 2018.

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